Acquired FEBRUARY 2015

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Cleveland, OH, Vacuum Global (VSI) is a unique value-added provider of cost saving and sustainable commercial vacuum cleaners (“CVCs”), cleaning equipment and steamer core recovery and remanufacturing to large multi-store retailers, other industries and government entities utilizing commercial vacuum cleaners, and cleaning equipment.

VSI’s Core Recovery and Remanufacturing Program focused on commercial vacuum cleaners, cleaning equipment and steamers is restorative by intention and design. The program replaces CVCs, cleaning equipment and steamers manufacturers’ end-of-life concepts, by remanufacturing the equipment for reuse. VSI’s program promotes the use of reusable commercial vacuum cleaners, cleaning equipment and steamers and targets the elimination of waste by preventing the equipment from being disposed of in a landfill. Additionally, VSI offers clients a comprehensive product suite of new commercial vacuum cleaners, cleaning equipment, steamers and parts. The Company’s core recovery and remanufacturing program helps clients save operating cost by remanufacturing their commercial vacuum cleaners, cleaning equipment and steamers instead of discarding the broken equipment into a landfill and purchasing a new, replacement unit.

VSI’s recovery and remanufacturing program business model is unmatched in the marketplace with no other company providing a similar cost saving solution to national retail chains with hundreds or thousands of stores across a large geographic region. Their primary competition comes not from other commercial vacuum cleaners, cleaning equipment and steamer remanufacturers because there are none, but instead, other means by which commercial cleaning equipment is replaced at a far higher cost.

VSI currently services over 72,000 facilities across 16 countries, and has remanufactured over 500,000 commercial vacuum cleaners, preventing 15 million pounds of waste from entering landfills